Looking at 2013

As a writer, I should use this space to set some goals for the year ahead. I should talk about how many stories I’m going to write, the novel I’d like to I will finish, or the number of submissions I hope to hit. But I’m pretty good about that stuff, really. I write most days — which is the best I can hope for given my tiny kids and their ever-present unexpected and totally unpredictable lives. And while I can’t boast that I’ve published SCADS of stuff, I can say this: 2012 was my first year out calling myself a writer for real. It was the first year that I gave myself permission to practice the craft that calls me and always has. And in that year, I wrote a novel, had two short stories accepted for publication (out of about 20 submissions), and published a collection of short stories. I attended two writers’ conferences and made many great writing connections online and in the real world. I believe that I’ve made very significant progress as a writer, both in terms of my actual work and in my understanding of the business and craft. So, that’s what I did this year.

Next year, I expect my writing to grow both in quantity and quality. I expect to have published something else myself, and to have had several more stories accepted for publication in journals. I am taking an advanced fiction class through UCLA Extension’s Writers’ Program (UCLA is my alma mater) with David Borofka in January, and hope that that will be a great launch for the year. (BTW – UCLA Extension’s courses are fantastic. I have taken many of them… you do not have to be a Bruin to take these courses.)

So I feel like my writing is in line.

It’s the rest of my life I worry about.

I’ve realized that I default to pissed off. I wake up, feel great. Get out of bed and do my morning ablutions, feel great. My kids see me and begin demanding things, and I am pissed off. They’re five and three…their natural state is need. So it’s a bit unfair for me to get riled so easily… and I don’t want to be the pissed off mommy. Or the pissed off wife. I think I’ve managed to be grumpy enough to make my kids and husband actually fear talking to me at times. And you know what? Life is way too short. I am lucky. I have a fantastic family. My husband actually loves me and tells me so often. (plus, I kinda like him and he’s pretty nice to look at, too…) We have a good life together, few worries and a very bright future. So what’s my problem? I need to enjoy this life on a daily basis. And that is my only goal for 2013. To remind myself, constantly if need be, to enjoy. Because there could be a bus with my name on it lurking just around the next corner.

Are you mindfully enjoying your life? How do you remember to do so? Advice and tips appreciated! 🙂

Happy New Year, all!


2 thoughts on “Looking at 2013

  1. Wow. Karma came calling, I think. As soon as I hit “publish” on this, an email popped into my inbox with some very big news for me. I can’t share it now, but if all works out, it will get in just under the wire in the category of “great writing events for DS in 2012.” Stand by and again, Happy New Year!

    • oh, wow! i’ll be looking out for your news! congrats. And I’m a single parent of a 12 year old boy. I know exactly how you feel. Besides making sure not to put my passions to the side, I also find practicing mindfulness helps my disposition. And exercise. Exercise makes me feel like I’m actually doing something with my stress…not that I do it often enough. Good luck to you in 2013!

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