Some News… Not the Promised News

So far I’m really enjoying 2013. While I’ve been a little stalled in the writing department (which honestly — sucks…) stuff I’ve written before now is gathering a bit of momentum. It always feels good to be told “yes” — unless the question was, “do these jeans make my ass look fat?” And you probably shouldn’t ask people that question in the first place. Just sayin’.

I’ve just learned that one of my stories, titled “The Blackout”, will be included in the next publication of The Avalon Literary Review. The piece is actually part of my collection (Through a Dusty Window). I’d initially been concerned that my publication of this piece would cause a conflict, but the editor was not bothered and even offered to mention the book in the front matter of the review. I am tempted to follow this sentence with numerous exclamation points, but I’m trying to be all literary and whatnot, so you’ll have to infer my ridiculous excitement. Ahem.

I now feel like I’ve spent most of 2013 bragging… but writing is a solitary passion and there are rarely many around my actual physical world to celebrate these little victories with me. So I turn to you, Interwebs… Thanks for all the support and help. I’m off to do a little happy dance and then will need to address that tiny little issue that I mentioned up top there… about the writing…


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