I Finally Get to Say…

I got a publishing deal!

It’s not a big one (I’m not John Grisham, people). But it’s a chance to work with a REAL publisher (besides me) who wants to help put my work out into the world.

I’m sure that you can imagine the happy dances that have gone on around my house lately, and the joy and even relief (that feeling of “oh, wow, maybe I really CAN do this”)…

So please keep your ears peeled as I begin promoting my newest publication, a young adult romance novella titled “Samantha’s Solace” with my publisher, Swoon Romance. You can see the announcement on their site here… just in case you are as excited as I am. (Or in case you’re in my critique group and thinking, “seriously?”)

I feel like I might be one tiny stair step higher on my journey.


6 thoughts on “I Finally Get to Say…

  1. That’s fantastic! Ooooh, I hope it goes amazingly for you and you become rich and famous and then I can say I knew you when you back before you were super-famous and then you can laugh at my claims while lounging in your pool of gold coins ala Smaug.

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