A great post from Jen McConnel – and for lack of anything intelligent of my own to say lately… enjoy!

Jen McConnel

There’s been a lot of talk in the writing community about the new Random House imprints Hydra, Flirt, Alibi, and the revamped Loveswept. When these imprints were announced in late 2012, there was a lot of scepticism and saber rattling; was a powerhouse publisher trying to take advantage of Indie authors?  What would authors gain from this arrangement?  Was this only a step away from the dreaded vanity press?

Personally, I saw these imprints as an exciting opportunity.  I still do, and if I had a manuscript that might fit at any of them, I would consider submitting it.  (I don’t, so I am speaking without a horse in this race).  Yes, Random House was probably hoping to ride some of the New Adult wave that has been largely propelled by indie authors; so?  They are, after all, in the publishing business; I would be more annoyed if they…

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