Help Me Choose a Setting – Win a Book!

Okay guys…I’m done with the draft for Men and Martinis – WOOT! (Which just means that I will put it aside for a week and then have furious revisions to do! Normally, I’d put it down a bit longer, but I’m on a deadline, so five days is about all I can afford.)

That means it’s time to start the next project! And the next project is the next Wine Country Romance. I had so much fun writing about love and wine in Paso Robles, California, I’m ready to build my next sexy wine read. The question is…where shall I set it? I have some ideas, but am curious what you guys think! SO…put your favorite wine country area in the comments and tell me:

  1. Your suggestion (city, state, country if needed)
  2. Why you are suggesting it – did you have a good experience there?
  3. Varietal for which the area is known (if applicable)

I’ll randomly select one commenter to win a copy of A Rare Vintage (kindle or paperback, you choose!) on June 15th.

Have fun!


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