Summer Scenes

It’s that time of year where everywhere we go, people say things like, “hot enough for ya?” I’ve never really understood why someone would say that. And here in the Mid-Atlantic — at least the part I live in — they say it with a southern twang that adds just the slightest touch of redneck… It’s not like home to me, but I actually do find it charming in a small town kind of way. Anyway, as we spend our days trying to figure out how to keep the kids occupied and ourselves cool, the summer seems already to be slipping away.

I’ve planned a whirlwind West Coast tour in mid-July to visit the family out there while the hubs holds down the fort out this way. I guess it’s a family vacation in some ways, except that we won’t all be together. I think the kids will enjoy it anyway, though I am beginning to question my sanity as I approach the five hour plane ride with my two small boys. Ingenious ideas for keeping kids happy on planes are welcome here!

And the upcoming trip – which will last almost a month! – has me worrying about what will become of my work in progress. I like to delude myself that it will get to completion and I’ll even be able to get it through some editing and revision so that I can get it published at the end of August. It’s doable. Maybe not by me… But I also remember not that long ago having a deadline from my publisher staring me in the face that was beginning to look impossible…and that one ended up working fine. (though I was not on a cross-continental trip with two tiny heathens…) I wonder if my self-imposed deadline will be met as well? I think that I’m taking it just as seriously, though I do realize that there’s no one sitting and waiting with drumming fingertips for me to finish like there was with Men and Martinis…

Do you tend to keep your own self-imposed deadlines as closely as those put on you by others? I’m curious how others feel about this…

In the meantime, stay cool (I mean this literally of course — except for you Aussies. For you I mean it the way that they say “Stay gold, Pony Boy” in the Outsiders.)


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