Redemption Red Comes Out in a Month!

A little less, actually… The almost-done version is in the hands of beta readers and early reviewers and I’m beginning to get feedback, which is so fun (because the feedback has been good!) I can’t wait to send this one out into the world…I think it’s a great mix of wine, food, romance and atmosphere. And I have a feeling that those who look for book boyfriends will enjoy Tyson Dawes. I loved writing him… now I just need to stop comparing real live men to him!

If you are a book blogger or reviewer and would like to be involved in the post-launch tour (October 21-26), you can sign up HERE… There are going to be some great giveaways along the way!

Now I’m diving into edits for the first book in the Girlfriends of Gotham series… The first book, Men and Martinis, is slated to publish in early December!


8 thoughts on “Redemption Red Comes Out in a Month!

  1. Hey Delancey, this book sounds great as does the idea of the ‘blog tour’ – can I just have a little more detail of what this actually means? If you sign up, I mean. I will be glad to review the book on my blog if that is what it entails 🙂

    • Hi! Yes – you can review the book and post the review on your blog (and Goodreads and Amazon, hopefully…) Or you can choose the less intense (less work) option and just post the promotional stuff that the blog tour coordinator sends out. Once you sign up, she’ll forward the book information, artwork, links to the book on Goodreads and Amazon, and the rafflecopter link so that your site’s visitors can sign up to be entered to win prizes. You can also opt for things like a Q&A (you supply the questions), a guest post (you supply the topic) or a review. Any participation at all is appreciated SO much – it’s all about getting the word out and helping each other raise awareness (and hopefully gain audience) for our work! Thanks for asking and considering it!

      • Sounds fantastic! I’ll be happy to do both! The blog tour does sound a bit technical but sure I can figure it out 🙂 Will happily still read and review the book though because it sounds grand.

  2. Righy ho, Delancey. I have signed up to do a review on my blog using the sign-up form, I hope this works! With the choice of tour dates – is this a sort of preferred date to post the review? Or is the tour date somethine else? Apologies, I have never done a blog tour before!

    • Oh – you’re so sweet! The date you choose is the day you’re committing to post. Don’t worry, it’s not too technical. My tour organizer is fantastic and she will make it super easy for you. She’ll probably send you copy to cut and paste or give you the option of using pre-formatted HTML (which is actually easier, though it sounds harder. If you’re using WordPress, like me, you just click “text” in the upper right of your blog entry pane (instead of “visual” I think) and paste in the HTML exactly as she sent it. then you can hit preview and see how it looks. At that point if there’s anything you don’t like, you can go back to your WYSIWYG (Visual) pane and adjust any fonts or spacing that isn’t working as you’d like. The HTML has the cover and photos already built in… Hope it’s easy for you! Thanks so much for your help!

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