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author photo2Thanks for stopping by. I’m Delancey Stewart.

When I’m not sitting in front of the computer working on a story (which usually happens pretty early in the morning), I’m freelance writing for private clients, sitting behind a computer doing tech writing at my “real job,” or herding small children around. I have two little boys, ages three and five, and a husband who offers a lot of help with all of this! Life is full, but I really only feel like I’m living the life I want when I’m writing.

“A Rare Vintage” is the first book in the Wine Country Romance series, which published May 2013. This is a romance set in the wine country of Paso Robles, California. The next book in that series, linked by the wine country theme, is “Redemption Red” — publishing mid-October. This one is set in Oregon.

“Through a Dusty Window: New York City Stories 1910-2001” is out and available for purchase! This is a collection of ten short stories that take place through ten decades in one common setting: a brownstone on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. The stories also share a theme: the characters’ struggles to understand themselves through their interactions with each other. From Prohibition to the Great Depression, WWII to the Summer of Sam, these stories take on real events and portray them through the eyes of those whose lives would have been directly affected.

“Men and Martinis” is the first in a series of New Adult Novellas called “Girlfriends of Gotham” being published with Swoon Romance beginning in December 2013. There’s lots to talk about with this one, and I’m super excited… stand by!

(For rights inquiries relating to audio, TV/film and translation, for Men and Martinis, please contact my publisher: georgia at month9books dot com.

Here’s what I’m working on now:

A literary fiction tentatively called “Blood Feud” though I think I’ll get more creative as we get closer to done… this one is also set in New York City, this time in the mid-1980′s. It’s about a family living in Hell’s Kitchen, a neighborhood held tightly under the thumb of the violent Irish gang, the Westies. A story about brotherhood, loyalty and love, we’ll watch one brother torn by the choices of another, his life ultimately directed by the decision he’ll make in an effort to help him.

My paranormal YA novel is complete and will undergo at least one more revision before it sees the light of day. This is the first in a series called “Schola Celata.”

There’s a middle grade fiction – which is weird because I never set out to write such a thing, it just started happening…this one’s a fantasy about two brothers… I began it as a story for my little guys. Maybe it will be done by the time they’re old enough to read it!

And when I cannot seem to focus on any of the above, I write short stories. I’ve had recent work published in The Rusty Nail, Bartleby Snopes and the Avalon Literary Review.

Please feel free to get in touch with me — I’d love especially to hear from other writers who are on the journey! You can email me at Delanceywrites at gmail.


13 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Delancey, I have been invited on a blog tour and thought you may also like to take part. There are 10 questions to answer and post on your blog. If you are interested, I will forward the details. Your turn to post will be on the 26th December.

  2. What you are doing sounds really cool! I would like to discuss my blog which I just started, and I am doing short story contests. I would really appreciate it if you checked out my blog, globalwrit3rs.wordpress.com.


  3. Hello. I had the pleasure of viewing your presentation on the role of agents last night at the meeting for the MWA Charles County Chapter. Gave me plenty to think about. Best of luck with your writing.

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