Through a Dusty Window

Brownstone townhouseThrough a Dusty Window: New York City Stories 1910-2001

It’s impossible to live in a city like New York without feeling the presence of those who have preceded you – on those streets, in those subway cars, in that apartment. The city thrums with vibrations of lives and eras passed, and traces of that history are left imprinted in tangible ways everywhere we look.

Through a Dusty Window is a collection of ten short stories spanning a century of lives inhabiting one New York City brownstone on the Upper West Side. They are the culmination of the author’s experience in that city, during which she wondered constantly who had occupied her apartment before her, and what stories they might have lived.

Ten vignettes offer historical perspective on real events from Prohibition to World War II; the Vietnam-era Summer of Sam killings to John Lennon’s murder.

Through a Dusty Window allows us to be voyeurs, seeing the fascinating lives of others as they experience the history that New Yorkers today hear whispers of around every corner.

Released November 16, 2012

Available at Amazon for Kindle and Paperback


5 thoughts on “Through a Dusty Window

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    • Ah – you’re right! I didn’t think of that, but now I wonder if the name came to me because of you! I wrote that as one of the later stories, and actually found myself searching my head for a pretty Italian name… I think you probably did influence my choice, even if I didn’t know it!

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