I know. You’ve been saying to yourself, “I just can’t go on until I’ve seen the latest progress of Delancey Stewart’s Christmas/Valentine’s amaryllis.” Right. But I’m going to show it to you anyway. It’s been rewarding watching this burst forth so quickly while I wait for so many other things to slowly plod along… All good things may come to those who wait, but a Christmas/Valentine’s Amaryllis comes to me who wants everything to happen right F-ing now!



Progress Captured

amaryllisI’ve mentioned before that I think waiting might be the hardest thing about writing — or more specifically publishing. As writers, we control a lot – we control the actual writing, of course. But once that’s done? It depends on your craft… But there is bound to be waiting involved.

You’ve polished a short story? Great! Check out duotrope, find a place to submit, and then… wait. Oh wow, look at that – an acceptance! For four months from now! Cool, more waiting!

Oh, what’s that? You’ve got an awesome novel manuscript? Fantastic. Why don’t you go ahead and query a few agents? And then, guess what? Yes, grab a cup of coffee. Start a new hobby. Because you’re going to be doing some waiting. How long, you ask? It depends. (That, it turns out, is always the answer to that question when we’re talking about the publishing industry as a whole.) I’ve had agents respond within hours. I’ve had agents never respond at all. I’ve had agents excitedly call to ask for a full manuscript and then never call again. You may notice that I do not, currently, have an agent. So yeah, I’m waiting.

Hey, a novella? That’s great! Why don’t you query a few of the digital publishers around these days that are focusing on shorter work? (There are a few — including imprints of the big 6. This is a growing area for writers… that’s another post). And then you can, oh yeah, you can wait. However, like all things in the internet realm, these guys tend to move a teensy bit faster. So you don’t wait as long, perhaps.

So anyway, since the acceptance of my novella by Swoon, I’ve been waiting on the blurb to hit the site, my author bio and photo to go up, and of course, the editing process to begin. It is supposed to pub in June, so that may not even roll until March. I’m just… yeah… waiting.

And since then, I’ve pitched a series to Swoon… and so until recently, I was – ding, ding, ding! You got it! – Waiting. And now my wait is over. They made an offer… and I have work to do!

I thought a publishing contract was the end all be all of my journey as a writer. But that isn’t the case at all. There’s serious thinking to be done, people to get in your corner to champion your work before and after it comes out… and there’s always more writing. And in today’s world, unless you’re John Grisham I’d guess, a publishing contract doesn’t mean that you can quit your day job. At least not right away. But maybe down the road… it’s a step in the right direction.

Anyway, with all this waiting I’ve been doing, I’ve needed something to feed my need for instant gratification. I recently posted a couple photos of my Christmas Amaryllis bulb and it’s startling progress here  and here … I’m now calling it a Valentine’s Amaryllis. And LOOK at it now!!

It Grows…

The weather this weekend was sunny and warm, which was appreciated since the forecast for this week has highs reaching the mid-twenties! Too cold for this California girl. Anyway, the preview of springtime, coupled with the removal of the very last of our holiday ornaments, had me longing for warm days in the yard. I even miss mowing the lawn…

That’s why the startling steady growth of my Amaryllis has been so gratifying! I know you were just forced to hear about this and look at a tiny picture of a little green shoot sprouting up… and that was just a few days ago. But that is exactly why I must foist another photo on you. LOOK at THIS!! The thing has grown like six inches in five days!


I know… it’s crazy. I’m still waiting on so many other things… it’s nice to have this showing such steady progress.

And isn’t that the cutest cookie jar? I know what you’re thinking: “but Delancey, you said you put away all of the holiday stuff.” Right you are. He’s not a holiday snowman. He’s just a snowman. Ignore those ornaments he’s holding. (This is what I tell my husband when he complains that I still have Christmas decorations out.) Once the holidays are over, if it’s still going to be cold… I need SOMETHING to enjoy! (Maybe I should start decorating the house for some of the lesser holidays…Hmm.)

Happy MLK day and have a great week, everyone. Here’s to good news arriving for us all this week!