Flattery Will Get You Everywhere…

Virginia, over at Poeta Officium, was nice enough to invite me to be a guest on her blog, and today is the big day! It’s up!

Take the time to check out her blog, which is always a great source of comfort since she talks a lot about the writing process and the trials of the effort. She’s also had six other great bloggers post their answers to the questions I answer today, and those have been very fun to read as well. Check it out!


I’m All Famous, Yo…

Okay, not even close. But I have been asked to be a guest over at Poeta Officium! For some reason, lovely Virginia, the hostess of that blog, thought I might have something interesting to say. I told her that I was going to answer her three questions while trying to walk the line between sounding like an idiot and an arrogant asshole — in other words, I’m going to do my best to sound normal. Or nice. Or…I don’t know! I’ve never been asked to be a guest blogger before. I’m probably more honored than I should be, and probably more excited than is proper.

So be sure to check out her blog and read about the other guest bloggers she’s chosen while we all wait with bated breath for me to answer the three questions she posed!