An Interview and a Review…

Through a Dusty Window continues its mad dash around the interwebs!

I’m back over at Oh, for the HOOK of a BOOK! with a fun interview with blogger Erin Al-Mehairi today. Please check it out!

And there’s another wonderful review posted at the Bookworm.

Here’s an excerpt from that review… “Author Delancey Stewart drew me in with her quiet, yet moving prose…The writing kept pulling me along. I enjoyed the way the author captures the time and culture as each story progresses through the years.”

There’s a giveaway at the Bookworm, too, if you haven’t read the book yet! (Why not?)


Day Two of the Tour!

Two great thoughtful reviews are posted today! Check out one over at Oh, for the HOOK of a BOOK! Thanks, Erin! And Peeking Between the Pages offers another. So fun!

Head back to Erin’s blog tomorrow for an interview about some of the topics and stories in Through a Dusty Window!

Brownstone townhouse

Guest Posting at Historical Tapestry

Hi there! I’m sorry I’ve been absent this week. There has been quite a lot going on. A publication release date was set for Men and Martinis, the first book in the Girlfriends of Gotham series that I’m working on with Swoon Romance. I’m having a website put together for that and since the cover reveal is going to reveal the first THREE covers for that series (EEK!) I also need two more titles! (Men and Martinis is kind of hard to follow…) PLUS, I got the manuscript back for an edit… and THAT process is a whole other post.

TODAY’s post is about Through a Dusty Window, which I’m starting to feel is my sad abandoned child pushed over in a corner while Men and Martinis gets all the attention. Luckily, the awesome historical fiction blog Historical Tapestry is paying it some attention. Head over to check out my guest post and their review!

Inspiration for Through a Dusty Window

Last week I was honored to be featured on a great blog tended by genealogist and historical fiction fan, Julie Goucher — Angler’s Rest. Head over to check out her book reviews and much more (the blog is kind of like wandering into a quaint antiques shop in a small town on a fishing coast…)

The interview we did provides some background on the stories featured in Through a Dusty Window.

And if you haven’t read TADW yet, and would like to do so for free, please drop a comment below and I’ll email you a smashwords coupon for a free copy (until March 1st)!