And this too…

So I meant all that stuff about self-publishing that I said earlier.

But I’m also a mom. Maybe that should follow a “but” because the mom thing should probably be number one. But it’s really pretty hard. And so I have to send any other moms who feel like it’s a little tougher than they’d like to go check this out. Nice work, Pregnant Chicken.

See, I’m just all about breaking down the snobs today, be they the literati or the snobby mommies who can’t stop telling me how much better they’re doing it all than I am. Pbtht.


Doing it all…

I will admit that my worldview may be somewhat limited at the moment since I see everything through a thick gauzy filter comprised of wet wipes, pull-ups and Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. I don’t think I’m “THAT mom” — at least I swore I’d never be, and think I’ve managed to avoid losing sight of everything else in the world beyond my own progeny. But I will say that if you don’t find yourself there, just a bit, you might be doing something wrong. Once the choice was made to have these little guys, I was on the hook and will remain there for the next, oh, sixteen years or so.

Anyway, given how irritatingly all-consuming this kid rearing task has turned out to be, it has led me to find a new group of people worthy of my hero-worship: Mom authors. I will admit that every time I find a new female writer whose work I admire, who is recently published and somewhat new (and therefore someone who I am trying to emulate), I find her blog and head straight for the “about me” section. What am I looking for? Mention of children, of course! Better yet, small children still in those soul-sucking completely dependent years.

When I find a successful writer — someone who is legitimately DOING IT — in the midst of the same shitstorm of toddler irrationality that I cope with daily, I find myself impressed and also a teensy bit relieved. Maybe it is possible, I think. After all, SHE is doing it.

We all have our burdens to bear. We all have the reasons why we should do something other than write. I guess the magic, and maybe the key to being a writer, is that we manage to do it anyway.

A toast to all the mom writers out there. I, for one, know how hard it is!