Highballs in the Hamptons

Howdy guys! I’m super excited because today I finally get to show you the gorgeous cover for Book 2 in the Girlfriends of Gotham series from Swoon Romance!

The first book, Men and Martinis, saw Candace Kanie looking in all the wrong places for love, believing she could strongarm it into her life the way she did everything else. And we met Natalie Pepper, who was torn between the man she loves and her job.

Book 2 focuses on Natalie and CJ again, but we also get to follow crazy Lulu’s love life. Here’s the blurb:

Natalie Pepper thinks she can just be friends with CJ, the man of her dreams. But after seeing him every day at work – and after he lays it all on the line – it becomes pretty clear that something’s gotta give. She’d admit to herself, and to him, that all she really wants is him…if she wasn’t so afraid of losing the best job she’s ever had (and the life it has made possible).

At least she’s got her friends to distract her. Lulu Rossi is an unorthodox and unpredictable spitfire of a girl who has a habit of saying whatever’s on her mind. And while that attribute entertains friends and intrigues her new boyfriend, Andrew, it might be the one thing that stops their relationship from moving forward. Lulu has unintentionally entered the world of Upper East Side royalty, as her ER doctor boyfriend turns out to be the pedigreed heir to an old money fortune – one that is watched over by his manipulative and exceedingly judgmental mother, Elizabeth “Tippy” Barton.

Natalie’s insane supervisor worsens the situation at work when her own man troubles result in a new “no fraternization” policy, and CJ finally gives up and begins to look for other opportunities. Natalie is forced to decide what is important to her for once and for all. Will it be CJ or her job?

Lulu must prove her worth to Andrew’s family – or make him see that the only person whose opinion really matters is his.

So finally, check it out! Here’s the cover of Highballs in the Hamptons, which will be out in late September! Click the cover to add it on Goodreads!



Gifts and Prizes and Books, Oh My!

I’m so excited to be doing my first official book signing this month at Book Expo America! I’m very flattered that my publisher, Swoon Romance, thought readers would be excited enough about my Girlfriends of Gotham series to come out and see me. Of course there is always the chance that I’ll be sitting at the table, pen poised, quietly waiting… for an hour… and then I’ll go home.

In an effort to ensure that doesn’t happen, I’ve devised a way to entice people to my table… You know, a reason beyond my fresh breath and sparkling personality… A GIFT basket that SOMEONE will win!

What’s in it, you ask? Well, let me tell you…

  • There’s a fancy hand-painted Lolita martini glass…
  • A pair of sterling earrings that look like little red wine glasses
  • A set of Ann Taintor coasters
  • A cute desk sign that says “It’s okay to have too much fun”
  • A set of designer stationery and matching pen
  • A cute pink tin of “flirt” gum
  • A fun set of cocktail napkins that says “I’d rather drink my martini than put on my bikini”

Fun, right? If you want to win it, you need to drop by and see me at the Swoon booth (PDZ638) on Friday, May 30 at 2pm!

Check out the goods:

BEA Basket

Love and Other Games on Sale!

99 cent sale for laog

The sexy winter Olympic anthology, Love and Other Games, from my publisher, Swoon, has a hot new cover.


I read this book when it first came out, and recommend it! Super fun shorts about the Winter Games… at 99 cents, it’s a steal!

To celebrate the new cover, the ebook is only 99 cents for a limited time! Pick up this hot winter romance on your Kindle, Nook, or Kobo.

99 Love and Other Games new cover

Love and Other Games is a collection of four sexy new adult stories centered around athletes competing in the Winter Games by Ana Blaze, Melinda Dozier, Aria Kane, and Kara Leigh Miller.

What readers are saying:

“It’s like a rom-com marathon with lots of sexy included. Who knew the Winter Olympics were so hot?” ~Book Nookie Reviews

“Four short stories full of lust, love and laughter. Each story was enjoyable to read and hard to put down.” ~Author Katie L. Thompson

“I fell in love with each one of these stories (and guys).” ~White Zin Bookends


The authors are giving away a nook and other prizes to celebrate.

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Regency Romance for the holidays!

There’s a great new novella coming out from Swoon Romance (my publisher!) just in time for the holidays. I’m super excited about this one because, well, don’t tell anyone, but I honestly have never read a regency romance. (I know, and I call myself a romance writer… for shame!)

Check out the cover! And here’s the info: Title: Masked Love

Author: Nicole Zoltack
Publisher: Swoon Romance
Publication Date: November 1, 2013
Genre: Regency Holiday romance novella
About Masked Love
Isabelle is content being a maid, and will do anything for her lady, even accompany her to a masquerade ball. Lady Theodosia needs extra support and encouragement on this night, for tomorrow she will meet the man her parents have pledged her to.

Isabelle has never had occasion to attend such an event, and is at first ill at ease. But meeting an enchanting young man during the course of the evening makes her wish for a life she can never have. Thinking she will never see him again, she returns his flirtation and even reveals her face. Imagine her shock when he shows up the next morning, announcing his claim on Lady Thedosia.

Isabelle does all she can to avoid Lord Adrian Wingave, but then he not only sees her, he recognizes her. To make matters worse, Isabelle fears her feelings are not one-sided.

Torn between duty and desire, Isabelle hopes for something more this Christmas.

About Nicole Zoltack
Nicole Zoltack loves to write fantasy/paranormal, romances, horror, and historical, for all ages. When she isn’t writing about girls wanting to be knights, talking unicorns, and zombies, she spends time with her loving family. She loves to ride horses (pretending they’re unicorns, of course!) and going to the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire, dressed in period garb. Her current favorite TV show is The Vampire Diaries.


And… Deflate.

Men and Martinis has gone back to the publisher. God help me. I had about ten days with that thing, which at this point feels like kind of a foreign object to me. I wrote it. But taking months in between passes at it definitely offers me a chance to gain perspective on what I’ve written. Unfortunately — and I don’t know if this is my tendency for self-flagellation or if it’s truth — when I saw it again after three months away from me, it kind of looked like shit. I had three big things to tackle that my editor had directed me to concentrate on. And I found about three million little things.

There are a few ways to look at this. Maybe, in the months between passes, all the other writing I do makes me a better writer. So when I come back to something written in the past, I am better able to see where I can improve. Actually, that’s it. That is the way I’m going to choose to look at it. Because any other possibility is painful and I can’t even write them down here.

I think it’s a good book. It’s the book I’ve wanted to write forever. (There’s one other… but that’s this is the first one). Or at least it’s the first part of a story that I’ve always known I would try to tell. And I have faith that the back and forth and multiple opinions and many hands in the stew will make it that much better. Maybe it takes a village. And this is my first go publishing with a press and not doing it myself, so it’s undoubtedly going to feel a bit uncomfortable at times. I’m used to having all the control. That part is very hard.

Anyway, if all goes as planned, this book will be born in early December. I can’t imagine a better holiday gift for myself! And I’m going to be at the New Adult Sleepover Weekend to promote it just days later!

But now that M&M is off my plate temporarily… I feel kind of depressed. Maybe this is what it feels like when your kids go off to college…

Meeting the Characters – Dorothy Dreyer’s My Sister’s Reaper

I’m in the midst of crazy revisions on the first book in the Girlfriends of Gotham series today – Men and Martinis… Which has me thinking a lot about Swoon Romance, my publisher for this series. That’s why it’s fitting that on the Meet the Characters Blogfest I mentioned the other day, one of my “publishing sisters” is introducing us to her main character! Check it out here… Zadie Stonebrook (love that name!) from My Sister’s Reaper by Dorothy Dreyer!