Beyond Redemption – Cover Reveal!

Beyond Redemption – the next installment in the Wine Country Romance Series – launches on Tuesday! I’m so excited to share the cover with you today… But first, here’s a bit about the novella:

This racy Wine Country novella takes readers back to Redemption Road winery, where Audrey and Tyson are continuing the paths they discovered in Redemption Red.

This book focuses on Rebecca and Ray… And while Rebecca has made peace with her family and returned home to help build the winery into a wine country destination, she is still struggling with ghosts that threaten to destroy her happiness.

When someone shows up from the family’s past, everyone must face the truths that time can hide and come to terms with new realities…

This novella contains mature situations and is not appropriate for readers younger than 17.

And here’s the gorgeous cover, designed by the amazing Carrie at Cheeky Covers — she has done all the wine country books, and I love them!


Add the book on Goodreads today, and pick it up at Amazon on Tuesday!


Beyond Redemption – Releasing Next Week!

I’m excited to announce that the next installment in the Wine Country Romance Series — Beyond Redemption — will release on Tuesday, June 24th!

Beyond Redemption is a novella that takes readers back to Redemption Road Winery in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. It’s a hot, sexy and sweet extension of Audrey and Tyson’s story, focused on Rebecca and Ray.

If you haven’t read Redemption Red, check it out here!

And if you’re a blogger and would like to help with the cover reveal for Beyond Redemption (so pretty… eeek!), the reveal is being hosted by the lovely Giselle at Xpresso. Sign up here!

In Defense of Pink

When I was a little girl, I refused to like pink. Or more specifically, I LOVED pink, but I got the clear impression that everyone around me believe I was SUPPOSED to love pink. So naturally, I declared that I hated it. I was impossible like that. Just ask my mom.

But in my late twenties (and by late twenties, I MIGHT mean early forties)… I am comfortable enough to admit that I absolutely love pink. I don’t wear a lot of light ballet pink, but I love salmon and I own probably too many things in bright pinks (including pants, cuz that’s how I roll). I have two pairs of pink trousers that I wear regularly to work. And maybe it’s because I work in a conservative environment, or maybe it’s because it just isn’t all that common, but I always get comments. And sometimes, if I’m telling the truth, I can tell that they’re those backhanded compliments people offer when they feel they must say something but aren’t sure exactly what they want to say. Or else they’re afraid you’ll kick ’em in the taco if they say what’s really on their mind. But you know what? I don’t give a pink petunia at this point.

However, I do have a beef with some pink judgers out there. And this goes back to my defense of boxed wine, I guess. Pink wine, y’all. Many of us in the states have a very bad perception of anything in a wine glass that is pink. And that is because we spent far too long ignorantly swilling something called White Zinfandel and not knowing any better. In many cases, that White Zin wasn’t even made from Zinfandel grapes!

You can still get the low rent rosés if you know where to look (7-11 anyone? Well, not in MD, but you get my drift). But there are plenty of pink wines that are well made and absolutely lovely — especially as the days get warmer. And pink is my choice for barbecues and deck parties, so I end up explaining myself more than I’d like.

Blush Wine Bottle And GlassWhere does pink wine come from? In most cases, the pink color is the result of the juice being left on the skins just briefly enough to impart a little bit of structure — and color, of course. So rosé wines can be made from most red varietals (and so you can have real white zinfandel… this is where ideas like “white merlot” and “white cabernet” come from.)  The rosés I like best are based in Grenache, which is the varietal most often used in the Rhône wines, which I tend to favor in general (see A Rare Vintage!)

Pink wines come in all concentrations — from almost fuschia to light light pink (often called Vin Gris). They come from all over the world – my favorites are from France and Spain (where they call it Rosado), but Bonny Doon makes an incredible Vin Gris. They range from sweet to dry, and there’s even a bubbly variety! They’re all gorgeous in the glass and super refreshing.

So I hope you’ll enjoy the rest of your Memorial Day weekend… raise a glass of pink to the men and women who’ve sacrificed so much for our freedom.



Cover Reveal: Redemption Red

After lots of cover reveals for other people, I’m so excited to introduce the cover to Redemption Red – the second book in my Wine Country Romance series! This book is scheduled to be released in late October.

RR_med_borderRedemption Red by Delancey Stewart (A Wine Country Romance)

Love, loss, and a smoky red…

When Audrey Montgomery’s carefully planned life collides with the self-destructive path Tyson Dawes is on, neither of them can predict what will happen next.

Audrey is a diligent and self-reliant culinary student at Portland’s prestigious Cordon Bleu. She has a clear picture of her future in mind, and it allows little room for the steely-eyed and tormented young man she bumps into by chance while wine tasting with friends.

Tyson Dawes had a perfect childhood, raised among the vines in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. But even the most idyllic of upbringings couldn’t have prepared him for what he would face as a Marine. He returns to his childhood home angry and haunted by the storms of what he has faced and by those he has lost.

Do opposites truly attract? Can the lure of Audrey’s apparent clarity and innocence offer Tyson hope in the face of his emptiness?

This is the second book in the Wine Country Romance Series. The first book, A Rare Vintage was published in June and is available on Amazon. Though the books share a theme, each is a standalone book and can be read independently.

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And if you haven’t read A Rare Vintage yet, now’s your chance!

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Wine Fiction – Writing the Vines

As it turns out, I’m kind of falling in love with my own idea — writing romance fiction about wine. I realize that I’m not the first to do it, but to be honest, I’m surprised that there isn’t more of it out there! There is a series set in Napa… and I do realize that Napa is probably the best known American wine region, but there are so many other amazing places making wine… good wine now! So in my mind, they’re ripe for making good romance, too.

After all, wine is nothing if not romantic… So it is surprising to me that there aren’t thousands of romances — or heck, fiction in general — set in the fantastically interesting world of winemaking. Think about a winery might offer in the way of plot points alone — you could have a family struggling to make ends meet, working to save the winery (not all wineries are dragging in the dollars by the tractorload…); you could have an evil competitor, striving to ruin the next bottling of the more successful vintner; you could set the wheels of phylloxera in motion, ruining an entire harvest! (okay, maybe that’s too wine techie, but you know where I’m headed.)

Wine itself is a character in so many ways – it’s a living and ever-changing thing, captured in a bottle. Have you ever noticed how a bottle of wine tastes completely different from the moment you open it to the moment you pour the last drop? Whether you drink it over the course of a couple days or — who am I kidding? — a couple hours. The compounds in wine never stop interacting with their environment, and are constantly morphing into new versions of themselves… just like the characters in the best books!

And let’s face it, wineries themselves are pretty sexy. You’ve got cavernous cellars with huge barrels left to age… hardworking passionate people slaving over crushers and tanks, mixing and blending in barns and outbuildings surrounded by vineyards… You’ve got the fancy visitor-friendly tasting rooms set in sprawling estates (or not-so-sprawling if you don’t happen to be in Napa or Sonoma, the “Hollywood” of wine tasting.)

I guess the world of wine can seem intimidating, which might put some writers off. I have a slight advantage since I used to sell wine, and was a wine writer for a couple magazines and blogs before heading into fiction (you won’t find my credits…you’re not surprised to know that Delancey is a pen name, are you? (; ) I just think that there’s a great opportunity to share my love for wine in my writing in this way, and for anyone with an interest in learning about wine, it’s probably fun to learn about a particular varietal this way. Sexy man and hot romance versus dry wine book? yes please!

My book, A Rare Vintage, highlights my love of the Rhone Valley varietals — Chateauneuf du Pape specifically…  and Redemption Red, which comes out late this summer focuses on Oregon’s amazing Pinot Noir.

What’s your favorite varietal?